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Established in 1927, Terminix International Company L.P. has become one of the most recognized brands in the pest control industry. The company’s reputation was founded on its well-known termite protection services, which still generates 90% of the company’s revenue. It also prides itself on excellent customer service and reviews.

Terminix has been part of the ServiceMaster holding group since 1986. Operating around the country via branches and franchises, it services the pest control needs of 2.8 million customers. Terminix is a leading provider of pest control services in the US, with a 22% market share.

In 1932, Terminix was the first company granted a termite control patent. Since then the company has worked closely with leading entomologists and the world’s top pest control experts. Their research has resulted in scientific publications and led to the development of new pest control products.

Terminix’s head office is in Memphis, Tennessee and holds an A company rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).


Terminix technicians are given detailed training on pest identification and treatment methods. At their training facility, the technicians have access to a mock foundation with a wide range of construction types.

Training is not confined to dealing with pests but includes customer service and communication. The emphasis is on repeat business through correct customer interaction.

During 2016, the company’s more than 9,500 employees made a daily average of 50,000 visits to residential and commercial customers.

Company employees are often involved in community projects and are encouraged to take part in the annual ‘We Serve Day’. In the 2016 events, more than 6,800 hours of volunteer work supported many non-profit organizations.


The company’s story started in 1927 when E.L. Bruce started to receive complaints about the hardwood flooring he was manufacturing. His customers complained of rot in the boards but further investigation showed the problem was caused by termites.

To "nix the termites" as he put it, he formed Bruce Terminix Research Laboratory. In 1932, Frank Lyons, a senior chemist at the laboratory, patented the first insecticide specifically for termites. This was marketed under the Bruce Terminix franchise.

In 1955, Bruce Terminix was the first company to offer protection from termites with annual inspections and a guarantee. By 1958, the franchises were offering other pest control services to residential and commercial customers.

Memphis-based Cook Industries bought the E.L. Bruce Company, including the Bruce Terminix division, in 1968. The pest control company’s headquarters have remained in Memphis.

This was followed by a period of expansion both inside and outside of the US, starting with Mexico. In the US, Terminix launched a concession-based program with Sears, Roebuck to operate Sears Termite and Pest Control.

In 1972, the name of the pest control company was changed to Terminix International Inc. to reflect its growing international presence.

ServiceMaster, a holding group focused on home maintenance, purchased Terminix in 1986. Five years later, Terminix bought over the Sears Termite and Pest Control operation.

The company continues its expansion globally and at home.

Terminix Exterminator

Products and services

During a free home inspection, Terminix technicians identify pests or highlight potential threats. Based on their findings, they will discuss the options available for eradicating the pest or protecting the property and give a quote.

Solutions are eco-friendly and tailored for each customer to take account of allergies, pets, and client concerns.

Terminix is leading the market in its use of eco-friendly pest control products. Synthetic chemicals are replaced with natural substances, such as plant-based oils. An example is the Attractive Targeted Sugar Bait which kills mosquitoes.

The company uses an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach for their pest control services. This means their technicians look at how to prevent a pest problem through proactive inspections. If they are called in because of an infestation, they will seek to destroy the pests in the best eco-friendly method and take steps to deter them from returning.

Using its 90 years of experience, the company offers a range of guaranteed termite control products and packages. In 2016, these were responsible for 92% of the company’s revenue.

Roughly 80% of Terminix revenue comes from contracts with an annual renewal option. These are mostly related to termite services, along with the associated regular inspections.

Terminix also provides a website to help visitors identify 150 different types of insects. This site offers a large FAQ section to determine whether a visit from a professional exterminator is necessary. It also advises on home treatments where appropriate.

The company’s sales and service teams are equipped with the latest smart devices, enhancing the way they interact with customers. Using the built-in GPS capabilities of the devices, scheduling and customer service has been streamlined.

Terminix technicians are trained to handle wildlife intruders. They will trap and remove the common large pests such as:

  • Raccoons
  • Squirrels
  • Skunks
  • Possums

But the technicians are also equipped to deal with other wildlife found in specific locations.

For each occurrence, a customized plan is put in place to prevent re-occurrence, which may involve blocking entry points. They also offer special one-way exclusion devices. These allow the wildlife to escape but prevent them from re-entering.

Due to its environmental awareness, Terminix is certified by the National Pest Management Association as both QualityPro and GreenPro. The company also meets the standards for the LEED program (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) set by the US Green Building Council.


In 2016, Terminix derived 29% of its revenue from commercial clients.*5 These clients are offered, among other services, the Terminix Commercial EcoControl program which uses environmentally safe products.

The commercial premises protected include:

  • Hospitals
  • Education facilities
  • Food and hospitality premises, such as restaurants and hotels
  • industry, such as warehouses and manufacturing


For termites, Terminix offers an Inspection & Protection Plan that guarantees no additional payments in case of their reappearance. They also promise their Liquid Defend System will keep termites away permanently or else the premises will be retreated free of charge.

Under their Ultimate Protection Plan for other pests, they guarantee a free repeat service if needed and a technician will be sent within 24 hours of initial treatment. In addition, they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee or a refund on the cost of treatment and customers have access to 24/7 live phone assistance.

Their guarantees for commercial premises include a refund of the previous 90 days’ payment, plus an additional 10%. They promise to respond to calls within 2 hours any time of the day or night. If a business is fined by a regulatory agency due to a pest infestation after being treated by Terminix, they will reimburse the amount of the fine plus an extra 10%.

All guarantees are covered by terms and conditions, which should be carefully read.

Other products

Terminix understands the conditions favored by pests, one of which is excess moisture. They sell products to reduce the chances of pest infestation and protect against water damage, fungi, and mildew. These include:

  • Crawlspace Soil Moisture Barriers
  • Crawlspace Foundation Ventilators

The company also offers environmentally friendly insulation products such as Terminix R-Plus Insulation System featuring T.A.P. Insulation. This not only insulates a home but helps to control pests.

The Terminix Gutter Protection System prevents leaves and debris from clogging gutters.


Alicia, San Diego, CA - 04/19/2017 - 5 Star (source: MyThreeCents.com):

I've had a great experience with Terminix. I thought a possum came into our house so I called them. The girls at their call center were very nice when scheduling the service and they directed me to whom I needed to speak to so that they could send the correct person to look at my home to see what the situation was.

Vincent was the first to come to my house to determine what the problem was and he was very good, nice, and very professional. He came in, asked me questions of what were the things that I had seen, then he looked inside the house and in the attic. He said it wasn't a possum and that it's a rat. And, there's not only one but three. Then he told me about the plan they have for me. I asked if they were gonna come and pick up the rat when it's caught and he said he will, so I got their service.

Linda Lueders, Cedar Springs, MI - 05/11/2017 - 5 Star (source: TerminixWestMich.com):

I have been using Terminix for many years at mulitple homes. My last house was over 100 years old and the trees were twice the size as the house, so lots of opportunities for unwanted bugs. Terminix and Chris, have always taken good care of us.

Please note: Terminix customer service can vary depending on the local installer.


With so many types of pest and different ways offered to combat them, costs vary. These depend on the size of the premises, its location, the type of pest and severity of the infestation.

Terminix gives a free estimate via its website but for a full quote a site visit is needed. Inspections and estimates are free.

A choice of payment plans is offered. These include one-time treatments and customized annual plans. For some services an installation fee is applicable.


Terminix operates a national branch structure of approximately 300 company-owned offices. It also works with around 25 franchises. Between them, Terminix has a presence in 47 states.

The company also provides pest control services through its subsidiaries and joint ventures in 22 countries. These include Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and the Middle East.