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With a history covering just under 100 years, Rentokil is now the leading commercial pest control company in the world. This impressive position includes about 15% of the world’s commercial market. In 46 of the 66 world markets it operates in, the company leads the field.

In the US, through strategic mergers and organic growth, the company is known as Rentokil Steritech and is now the country’s third largest pest control company.

Rentokil is a dynamic company, with an impressive background in research and innovation. Its Head Office is in the UK but its global reach and experience mean it can assist homes and businesses with practically every kind of pest-related problem.


The company has a strong commitment to staff training and development. The expertise of the technician arriving at your home or business is the result of intense and ongoing pest control education.

Their U+ in-house ‘university’ has won many awards. It is responsible for delivering a range of programs, from face-to-face and team training to online courses. Last year, the university added over 300 training videos and courses to their existing library.


In the early 1900s, Professor Maxwell-Lefroy was asked to protect a building next to the Houses of Parliament in the United Kingdom from Death Watch beetle. He soon developed a commercial treatment and in 1925 setup Rentokil.

The company went from strength to strength, even after his death in 1926. It added DDT to its pest control arsenal to fight mosquitoes and other pests during the Second World War.

Shortly before Rentokil was started, a Danish chemist called George Neumann found a Salmonella bacterium that killed rodents. He marketed this as Ratin. In 1906, the company, Bakteriologisk Laboratorium Ratin, opened a sales office in the UK. In 1927 it became known as British Ratin.

This company also grew quickly, focusing on rodents rather than insects. British Ratin wanted to expand its business to cater for insect pests and provide timber treatments, and in so doing - took control of Rentokil in 1957.

Due to increasing resistance to Ratin in rodents, the company name became redundant. So, in 1960 the company was renamed Rentokil Group Ltd. By 1969, the company was operating in 27 countries.

Rentokil Technician

In 1996, Rentokil succeeded in a hostile takeover of a competitor three times its size, BET Group. This substantially enlarged Rentokil’s corporate base, allowing for an aggressive merger and acquisition exercise. In 2006, Rentokil acquired J.C. Ehrlich, the fourth largest private pest control company in the US.

Rentokil has continued its acquisitions around the globe to become one of the world’s largest pest control companies.

Products and services

Unsurprisingly, given its vast experience and history, Rentokil provides a full range of pest control services.

Rentokil technicians will identify the pest threat and evaluate the risks to your property or business. Tailored requirements are then discussed, taking into account such concerns as green issues, in order to create a program specific to your needs. Their objective is to eradicate the pest but also to prevent its return.

On their website, Rentokil says no matter what your pest problem, they have a solution.

Their diverse range of services include:

  • Bioremediation
  • Wildlife management
  • Microbiological risk

With a commitment to innovation, Rentokil offers Lumnia, the first LED-based electronic fly killer, and RapidPro, which they claim to be the world’s fastest-acting rodenticide. Other innovations include ResiConnect, a smart mouse trap that uses the Internet of Things (IoT) to alert Rentokil of the need for intervention.

The company is committed to green pest control, using chemicals only when necessary. Their use of Integrated Pest Management means that prevention and education are an important part of their philosophy.


Rentokil provides a broad range of commercial services for all industries, single or multi-site. A pest problem can seriously damage the reputation of any industry, not just those related to food. As such, the company recognizes the need for discretion and a swift emergency response.

They will identify potential vulnerabilities, such as building structure, and suggest proactive measures to remove the risks.

In addition to all the standard pest control activities, Rentokil also offers to businesses many other services like PestNetOnline, which provides detailed reports of pest activity, site mapping, and proactive emails alerts.

Home Services

The company’s home pest control is comprehensive, protecting residential properties against all standard pests. Among the other ways Rentokil can help are:

  • Odor Management
  • Vegetation management
  • Drain Line Services

Their PestFree365 plan is designed to protect homeowners throughout the year against the various seasonal pests.


JDouby, Duluth, GA - 10/10/2007 - 5 Star (source:

They got here fast and explained everything we could do to fix the problem and avoid it from happening again. Very affordable. Would recommend.

Please note: Rentokil's customer service can vary depending on the local installer.


With such a broad service offering it is necessary to contact your nearest Rentokil Steritech branch to get up to date and accurate costs.


The company claim wherever you are in the country, a Rentokil Steritech technician is never more than a few miles away.