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With over 115 years’ experience in the pest control industry, Orkin has become a trusted household name. The Orkin Man brand is instantly recognizable by the wearer’s white shirt and red epaulets sporting the Orkin logo.

Orkin is a subsidiary of the Rollins group, providing protection against pests in over 1.7 million homes and businesses. It does so through a network of branches and franchises, operated by well-trained technicians. These use the latest tools and technology to eliminate and deter pests.

As part of its pest control research program, Orkin has maintained partnerships with eight universities. It has also worked in association with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for over two decades sharing expertise to make homes safe from pests.

Orkin takes its community responsibilities seriously. It sponsors various educational programs, helping youngsters differentiate pests from helpful insects. Working with the UN Foundation, Orkin raised money to fight malaria in Africa. It also donated one mosquito net for every mosquito treatment purchased.

In 2005 Orkin obtained ISO 9001 certification for its nationwide quality management systems.

Orkin’s head office is in Atlanta, Georgia and holds an A+ company rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).


The Orkin Man is a trained professional, and the company prides itself on their investment in training. Each technician receives a 15-day training program. This gives them the ability to identify pests in homes and businesses, understand their behavior and how to eradicate them successfully. The training is supplemented by videos-on-demand and regular updates via live broadcasts from Orkin TV.

To make sure of the best education in pest control, Orkin runs a 26,000 square foot training center in Atlanta. The center combines realistic setups for home and commercial premises. A 2,400 square foot house and a 13,000 square foot commercial portion give the trainees hands-on experience which they take with them into the field.

Orkin has been recognized for twelve consecutive years from 2002 by their inclusion in the Top 125 list in Training magazine.

The company is bonded. Staff engaged in Orkin commercial pest control are screened and subject to random drug tests. This ensures clients can have complete confidence in them.


Otto Orkin started his career in 1901 by selling rat poison. Known as ‘Otto the Rat Man,’ his services were in high demand. In 1926, his business became the Orkin Exterminating Company and opened its head office in Atlanta.

The company grew rapidly, with only a slight slowdown during World War II. By 1950, Orkin had 141 branches with over 1,000 employees. Expansion continued until the end of the 1950s when increased pesticide regulations led to a slowdown in the company’s growth.

In 1964, the company was acquired by Rollins, Inc. Under new leadership, changes were made to streamline operations and improve service.

The 1990s saw a return to rapid growth, along with the introduction of new pest control techniques. Various environmental initiatives were launched and advertising was increased.

Orkin is committed to improving its customer service, as demonstrated by the new customer service tools rolled out at the end of 2016. These include BOSS, a technologically advanced CRM software, which enables technicians to respond more quickly. The company will undoubtedly continue to expand nationally and internationally.

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Products and Services

Orkin’s experience enables them to combine different product offerings depending on a customer’s situation, whether residential or commercial. Orkin uses its national customer service department to respond to a request as quickly as possible. This is available through its website or by phone. Response times will vary according to the season and peak periods.

Their technicians are trained to identify and treat all the common pests such as ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, spiders, flies, termites, wasps, and rodents. In addition, Orkin’s trained staff can also offer treatment for others, including mosquitos, silverfish, millipedes, fruit flies, earwigs, and fleas.

When called in to treat a problem, they will carry out a thorough inspection of the premises before recommending a course of action. Each type of pest normally requires a specific treatment plan, which will be tailored for the type, the premises, and the location. The client will be given the details before work proceeds.

Where possible, reasons for the pest’s presence will be given, along with advice on how to prevent future risks. Regular inspections or treatments may be suggested if appropriate.

Key to their service is their Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach. Orkin is committed to using IPM in a way that minimizes its impact on people and animals. For this, the National Pest Management Association has certified them GreenPro and QualityPro.

Orkin implements its IPM policy through their AIM strategy:

  • Assess
  • Implement
  • Monitor

Behind this policy is the understanding that simply killing pests will not solve a problem. Although nests and individuals need to be eradicated, all factors involved will be reviewed to prevent or deter the pests from reappearing.

When required, Orkin can make a pest inspection prior to the purchase of a property.

Wildlife management involves the removal of any unwanted wild visitors, whether bird, mammal or reptile. That might include moles damaging a lawn or a deer nibbling on bushes. Orkin offers animal removal and repellents to deter them from returning.

Commercial Services

Protection against pests for commercial clients involves additional factors to those for a residential property. The need to address pest-related issues is often more urgent because a single cockroach in a restaurant can seriously damage the business’s reputation.

The speed with which adverse reviews circulate on social media makes fast action essential. Pests can also result in a violation. Legislation, in terms of public health and safety, changes regularly.

To combat these extra risks, Orkin offers Gold Medal Protection, which takes IPM one step further.

Orkin’s Gold Medal technicians are trained to understand the habits of such pests to prevent them from coming back. The skills and tools needed for this in a commercial setting are often different from those used in a home. They are also given additional training about government agency requirements and industry standards.


Orkin gives a range of guarantee options for home and business owners based on the type of risk involved. Their website claims "We’re not satisfied until you’re satisfied."

For homeowners, a 30-day money back guarantee is provided. If pests reappear between treatments, Orkin will return without extra charge. If the issue is still not resolved, the homeowner’s payment is refunded.

Commercial pest control presents unique challenges. These include the need for an urgent response if a pest is discovered and potential legislation issues. To assure businesses of their commitment, Orkin gives them with a twofold guarantee:

  • The first level is the ‘360° Satisfaction Guarantee.’ This is based on three components, each 60 days in length. The guarantee provides for a full refund, complimentary services or the paid use of another pest control company.
  • For the second level, Orkin furnishes a ‘2x24 Response Guarantee’. If there is a problem they promise to respond within 2 hours and have someone on site within 24 hours if required.

All guarantees are covered by terms and conditions, which should be carefully read.

Other Products

Over the years, Orkin has gained considerable experience operating in residential properties. Based on this they now offer several household products:

  • Energy-saving solutions, such as Orkin-Therm which is an insulation material with a built-in insecticide.*7 The company also markets radiant heat barrier called Orkin ComfortZone.
  • Moisture reduction solutions, for example Orkin DryZone, which prevent the moisture needed by several types of pest in order to thrive.
  • Gutter protection through Orkin LeafStopper which prevents leaf and debris build up. This reduces the risk of mosquitoes breeding in the gutters and leaks that might lead to damp and rot.


Jean F, Los Angeles, CA 10/26/2016 - 5 star (source: Yelp.com):

Excellent service keeps my kitchen in excellent condition I love Johathan he's on time and super professional keeps everything in order no bug problems and that's how I like it xx clean super service you do what you say! and I love it!

Karen O, Palmdale, CA - 7/7/2016 - 5 Star (source: Yelp.com):

I am having service with Orkin every other month and haven't had any bugs since. Originally I called them because I could not get rid of the ants, no matter what I tried. 2 days after they came for the first time - never seen an ant again. They also spray my garage for spiders and cockroaches and I don't even see spiders or roaches in my yard anymore. The best investment I ever made.

Please note: Orkin's customer service can vary depending on the local installer.


Orkin states that its goal is to provide each customer with a plan tailored to their individual needs. Each service plan takes account of the premises, the pest threat, and the environment.

With many different pest treatments available, costs will be calculated to include these factors.

Termite inspections are free.

Annual plans will normally offer a significant cost saving over one-off treatments.


With 8,000 employees, Orkin operates across 46 states through its more than 400 branch offices and 58 franchises. The company is expanding overseas and at the end of 2016 had 78 franchises operating in 45 countries.