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Ecolab is a worldwide corporation with over 48,000 staff and $13 billion USD revenue in 2016.

It maintains direct operations in nearly 70 countries but has a presence in another 100 regions throughout the world.

The company has broad business interests. It is one of the world’s leading suppliers of cleaning, sanitizing, and maintenance products and services for the hospitality, food, and healthcare industries. Over 50% of its sales come from outside of the US.

In the US, it remains among the biggest names in pest control, servicing clients through its Pest Elimination operating division.

Ecolab regularly receives awards for its approach to business. Recent awards have included:

  • World's Most Ethical Companies
  • Dow Jones Sustainability Indices
  • Newsweek Green Rankings


Merritt J. Osborn, the founder of the company, was an entrepreneur who had tried his hand at various ventures. He started the Evaporato Company in 1923 based on the development and sales of a carpet cleaner called Evaporato. In 1924, the company’s name was changed to Economics Laboratory and the product was rebranded as Absorbit.

Economics Laboratory continued to focus on the cleaning industry through the next decades. As the company grew it provided a wider range of services, including specialty cleaning products for restaurants and food processing companies. To keep abreast of its competitors, it became involved in chemical research.

Expansion started in the 1950s with a subsidiary in Sweden. By 1957, Economics Laboratory was large enough to go public. The company continued to expand through strategic acquisitions. Soon it was second only to Proctor and Gamble in the sale of domestic dishwasher detergents. However, that prominence decreased in the late 1970s and mid-1980s. This and changes in the market for cleaning products badly affected revenues.

To overcome the risks posed by the shifting markets, the company began to diversify its interests. In 1984, it acquired two pest control companies, Lystad Inc and ICE Inc.

In 1986, Economics Laboratory changed its name, this time settling on its present-day iteration of Ecolab.

Among other notable acquisitions in the pest control industry, in 2004 Ecolab took over Nigiko, a French company. Since then, Ecolab has become well-known in commercial pest control. It services many large and small corporations, including those in the food preparation, healthcare, and hotel industries.

Ecolab Truck

Products and services

Ecolab provides a range of services supported by pioneering research undertaken in their laboratories around the world. Their global presence provides a broad experience that enables them to be at the forefront of pest control innovation.

The company offers specific packages and services to selected industries, for example, HotelProtect. As the name suggests, this is focused on the hospitality industry. The program is offered in three levels, Base, Premium and Premium Plus.

All three levels involve regular inspections. Ecolab provides a proactive approach, with the goal of preventing pests or stopping them reaching any guest rooms, kitchens or common areas. The difference between the levels is the frequency of inspections and the implementation of the integrated pest management (IPM).

The Ecolab Thermal Enclosure is offered for bedbug control. This is an inflatable structure that uses heat to effectively kill adult bedbugs and those in their early stages. This allows furnishing to be discreetly treated without affecting the client’s business operations.

In a similar way, FoodProtect is an IPM program geared to the food and beverage processing and handling industry. The program can be customized for individual clients, ensuring a proactive approach based on their location and particular needs.

In addition, the Ecolab eLogbook provides online tracking for third-party audit compliance.

Among their other programs is GuardianPlus designed for restaurants. Ecolab also offers bird management services and as well as control for termites, mosquitoes, bedbugs, and flies.


Matthew of Fort Wayne - 08/18/2016 - 5 Star (source:

Always on time, helpful when needed. I loved their products. If I had a problem they were quick to get me a response and send out a tech right away. The cost is average but well worth the money spent for the prompt service.


With such a wide variety of services that can be tailored to suit a client’s specific needs, costs vary. Contact Ecolab directly for pricing details.


Ecolab claims their staff is rigorously trained as pest specialists. This enables them to deliver a consistent service and proactive insights to prevent the risk of pests. Their customer support is available 24/7/365.