As the risks from pests continue to affect more people, the need to exterminate them becomes increasingly important. For many, trying to resolve the problems using DIY methods makes financial sense. But this is not always successful nor without risk.

Some pests are difficult to eradicate completely and safely without expert knowledge of their habits:

Most people prefer not to tackle persistent or dangerous pests themselves. Nor do they have the time. Professional pest controllers bring their expertise to solve these problems. They can provide a cost-effective alternative to DIY treatments.

Across the country, over 20,000 pest control companies offer their services. The market may appear dominated by a few large companies but in every city and most towns, smaller pest control businesses are thriving.

Choosing a pest control company

The large companies offer a wide range of services. Their countrywide network gives their technicians exposure to a variety of pests. That knowledge is shared, which will benefit home and business owners. Their technicians often also have access to a greater choice of equipment than smaller companies.

However, many people feel that smaller companies provide a more personal service. Some of these pest controllers have served the same town or suburb for years. This often gives them unique experience of the local pests and their habits.

The challenge for many is choosing a reliable exterminator to assist with a problem that may be urgent. Pest Helpers has taken the time to research companies so you don’t have to.

The Pest Helpers website contains background information on each company to save you time and enable you to make an informed choice. Unbiased reviews of the top companies in your area will help you decide on the right pest control company.

Read Reviews

Click any company below to find a detailed and in-depth writeup on their products, services, costs, and business overviews.

Ecolab - A global provider of pest elimination services with more than 30 years of providing exclusively commercial solutions.

Orkin - Nationally recognized brand that based in Atlanta, GA and provides an array of pest services for homes and businesses.

Rentokil - One of the world's largest extermination companies providing residential services, commercial services, and operating in more than 50 world markets.

Terminix - With more than 8,000 technicians, this company operates in both the US and Canada and proves a full spectrum of pest removal services including termites, ants, and bed bugs.