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The state of Wyoming is known for its beautiful open spaces and sparse population.

Having a topographical mixture of high plains and jutting mountainous areas, it's no surprise that this state experiences a chilling winter.

Wyoming is home to both a semi-arid and continental climate and features a topographical mixture of high plains and jutting mountainous areas.

Winters are often extremely snowy and cold, with dry summers exhibiting warm and moderate temperatures.

One common outdoors insect that residents struggle with in Wyoming is the European earwig, which is notorious for wrecking gardens.

Additionally, cockroaches are a prolific indoor pest in this state that can be quite disruptive and germinate rapidly.

No matter what kind of issue you're having with pests, we recommend browsing our list of professionals below to help give you a solution.

Wyoming Pest Control Companies
Bedroom Guardian

Cheyenne, WY

(877) 738-4912
Chemical Weed Control

Casper, WY

(307) 265-5966
Columbia Paint & Coatings

Jackson, WY

(307) 733-0571
Fremont County Weed & Pest

Riverton, WY

(307) 857-3140

Cheyenne, WY

(307) 222-3249
Midwest Pest Management

Gillette, WY

(307) 567-9547