Vermont Pest Control

Professionals Listed in Vermont:

Located in the upper New England area, Vermont is known for its abundance of natural landscapes.

Some of these include Lake Champlain, the Northeastern Highlands, the Vermont Piedmont, and the Green Mountain Range.

Spring is particularly wet and damp and autumn long and colorful; with red, orange, and gold foliage prevalent throughout the state.

Vermont exhibits a humid continental climate with cold, snowy winters and hot summers with high humidity levels.

These conditions are preferred for some pests including roaches, mice, flies, and bedbugs who often seen shelter and warm during the fall and winter months.

If you have a pest problem with any of these pests (or even some others) we recommend contacting one of the pest service companies listed below to help.

Vermont Pest Control Companies
Bats in the Belfry ADC

Bristol, VT

(802) 989-4451
Grenier's Pest Control

Essex Junction, VT

(802) 879-2602
L & R Pest Elimination Services

Shelburne, VT

(802) 658-3242
Lakes Region Pest Control

Poultney, VT

(802) 287-5882
Leblancs Pest Control

North Troy, VT

(802) 988-9699
Millers Pest Control

Essex Junction, VT

(802) 316-4781
PestPro Inc

South Hero, VT

(800) 360-6878
Stowe Pest Control

Barre, VT

(802) 479-2815